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Counselling Services and Therapy Singapore

Society today is rife with complexities and complications. The line between personal and working lives are increasingly blurred. At most times, I’m a psychotherapist to clients struggling with emotional and relational challenges. And on a few occasions, a consultant on diversity and inclusion to businesses and government agencies. After-hours, you’ll find me taking in the role of an advocate for persons with disabilities. I am especially passionate about Guide Dogs and equal opportunities for the Disabled in the Asian Context.

Cassandra Chiu


Women Talk TV, Cassandra Chiu, Determined Visually-Impaired Counsellor, 2014

Counselling & Therapy Services in Singapore

I provide counselling therapy for mental health difficulties like anxiety and depression through executive coaching and relationship counselling. If you’re trying to find the best Singapore counselling centre for you, then you’ve come to the right place.  Counselling sessions help address various mental health issues such as clinical depression and anger management caused by external factors like grief and loss, sexual assault, as well as family violence and marital issues faced by individuals, couples and families. Here, you can easily book an appointment for the service that you prefer among my primary offered ones: anxiety counselling, depression counselling, and relationship counselling. When it comes to treatment, the approach may vary. With depression, a combination of counselling, therapy, and relaxation techniques will be used to help change the distressing behavior that you may be having. With anxiety, the approach is direct and compassionate—coupled with a bit of humour to help you feel less anxious. When it comes to relationships, there is couples’ therapy that will help you focus on the positive side of your relationship to help you change the way you communicate and connect with your partner, fostering a closer relationship with each other. You can read more about our depression counselling, anxiety counselling and relationship counselling services.

Counselling Therapy in Singapore

Most people seek counselling sessions when they recognize that they need help in facing certain challenges. If you are unhappy and you feel mentally or emotionally stuck, counselling services can help you clear blockages and improve the different aspects of your life. If you already have clear goals on what you want to achieve, executive coaching can provide the support that you need to reach these goals. Sometimes, confiding in friends and family may not be enough. They may jump on your side or tell you their opinion on what is best, but a professional who is objective with no vested interests can help you see your situation differently. You can engage in the counselling services Singapore therapists offer. As a professional counsellor and coach, I am trained to help you activate your strengths and apply strategies to overcome your challenges and help listen to yourself. Every counselling or coaching session is entirely confidential so you can talk about your challenges without any judgement or expectations from the other person. I primarily use Solution-Focused Brief Therapy as a Master Solution-Focused practitioner but I can use other approaches as well such as cognitive behavioural therapy and transactional analysis depending on what you really need for your mental wellness.

Private Counselling in Singapore

I offer individual counselling therapy in Singapore and executive coaching sessions at the clinic in Tanglin Shopping Centre or online counselling via phone or video calls. Individual counselling can benefit you if you are experiencing depression or anxiety as you gain insight into your mental, emotional, or relationship struggles. After a series of counselling sessions,  you will learn about why you feel the way you do, your worrying will be reduced, you will be able to resolve stress-causing problems, and you’ll also be equipped with tools and strategies so you can start feeling better. The Back On Your Feet Package includes one initial 1.5-hour session and five 1-hour sessions that are designed to help you achieve emotional and mental equilibrium within 2 months. Executive coaching sessions will enable you to define the areas you need coaching with to reach your goals and receive follow-up support. In the first session, I will seek to make an initial assessment of your situation including your reasons for seeking counselling or coaching, your personal history, your current situation, and any symptoms or difficulties you are experiencing. Being open and honest about your questions will help you get the most out of your sessions. Find out more about my therapy sessions here or contact me to book an appointment.