The Speaker

A picture may paint a thousand words, but a good message crystallizes thousands.

A skilled speaker does not only convey the message, but delicately balances words and emotions, spurring the audience into action.

I have the utmost privilege to have spoken on various topics, from personal development to leadership. Invitations have come from businesses and organizations across Asia.

A good message can activate in us not just the desire to strive for a better self, a better team but also a triumphant tomorrow.

Thank you to Guide Dogs Victoria for sharing such a thoughtful testimonial:

“I engaged with Cassandra Chiu to speak at a major client event on behalf of Guide Dogs Victoria. I could not have been happier with what Cassandra delivered. In the lead up to the event, Cassandra was efficient, professional and friendly through the organization process. Then on the day, she delivered a speech  that was touchy, emotive, honest and engaging. She was able to capture her story and translate this to the audience so perfectly that she made people laugh, cry and applause with gratitude at the conclusion of her speech. 

I would highly recommend Cassandra as a professional speaker and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. People have a better understanding of those with a disability once hearing her speak and she is a true advocate for people with a disability.”

, The Speaker


AWARE – ‘ Fair Enough?’, October 2021

Tembusu Forum, February 2020

TED Women, December 2019

Seoul National School for the Blind, South Korea, November 2019

Guide Dogs Victoria, Melbourne, October 2019

Shirin Fozdar Annual Lecture at SMU, September 2019

Edgefield Secondary School August, 2019

Talk at NUS Enterprise Summer Programme, July 2019

Connections: The Revolution of Compulsory Education, 2019

National Young Leaders Day Woman’s Edition, 2013

MGS 7th MGS Regional Youth Conference, 2012

ASEAN young leaders’ series – the disability dilemma

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