About Cassandra the Counsellor/Coach,

Hi, I’m Cassandra Chiu, a psychotherapist/Counsellor and accredited coach based in Singapore. But you can also call me a Life-Untangler, someone who sparks change in people’s lives and relationships. I help people get from being overwhelmed with life struggles, to pushing pass being okay again, and to their next level both online and at my counselling/coaching private practice in Singapore.

Who I Work With

Are you a professional in a high-stress and high-risk career? Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? Have your work and relationships been impacted by off-the-field issues like anxiety or depression? I may be able to help you regain balance in your life through counselling/coaching.

Entrepreneurs and high-stress professionals in leadership positions are some of my favorite individuals to work with. When busy individuals restore balance in their mental health,they will be able to efficiently prioritize responsibilities, improve productivity, and repair strained relationships. On top of that, the benefits will impact many more people!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve successfully helped executives struggling with burnout and mental exhaustion to regain their lives. I will help you untangle the mess and learn new skills to minimize the impact of stressors. I help guide you find the solutions that you are seeking through evidenced based approaches in counselling and coaching.

Many folks I’ve counselled or coached often say to me at the onset that they wished they could figure out a way to solve their problems, or simply to get out of their misery.

Many wished they had the skills or tools to improve their life and/or relationships.

There were those among them who felt things were spinning out of control.

Maybe this describes you, maybe you feel if you don’t seek help now things in your life will take a turn for the worse, be it your relationships, marriage, job, or overall well-being. Counselling/coaching can help you recharge and find a calmer balance; whether you’ve lost it or don’t feel like you’ve ever had it.


If you would like to know more about my educational background & certifications, you can visit my Linkedln profile.

, About
Masters in Professional Counselling,
Swinburne University (Australia)
, About
Registered Counsellor with the
Singapore Association of Counselling
, About
Master Solution Focused Practitioner
, About
Accredited Coach by the International
Coaching Federation
, About
Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Level 1 & 2

My Whys

Seeing individuals and couples regaining the lives they deserve through my work is something so rewarding for me because often when people come into my counselling clinic, they have been struggling for such a long time. I know how lonely and painful life struggles can be, because I spent many of my younger years journeying in my very own darkness,overcoming my disability.

Enduring difficult times can be daunting unless we have the right support! We all deserve happy, fulfilled lives.

If something is holding you back from achieving the happiness you deserve, let’s talk about it.

Schedule an appointment today.

What To Expect

You’ll get an unbiased feedback from me in a way that challenges you to gain new perspectives and to develop new skills to help yourself.

9 out of 10 of my clients found that they quickly regained clarity, confidence and motivation after the first counselling or coaching session. Check out some reviews here to hear what my satisfied clients have to say. It puts a smile on my face to see my clients achieve the life they really want for themselves!

Location & Schedule

We will work together in a relaxed and confidential environment at my counselling/coaching clinic at Tanglin Shopping Center in Singapore, or online in the privacy of your home/office. I offer sessions for individuals and couples at flexible time slots, including evening hours to work with your busy schedule.

275 Thomson Road, Novena Regency,
#01-19 Singapore 307645

Office: +65 6269 0401