Reviews of Counselling & Coaching by Counsellor Cassandra Chiu

The below testimonials are offered by clients I have counselled or coached, and are kept anonymous to protect their confidentiality.

"In our marriage, we were at rock bottom, but thanks to Cassandra's guidance, we climbed back to stability. She helped us to be conscious of how we communicate to each other and to see each other in a different light, to work things between ourselves. Our sessions started from weekly, to fortnightly, to once a month. Depending on how much our relationship improved, she will reduce the frequency of sessions. Thank you so much for helping us in a span of 3 months!"

"I got in touch with Cassandra when I was at one of the lowest point in my life. She was patient, encouraging, understanding as she helped me to sort through and work through the myriad of negative feelings and the web of emotional turmoil I was undergoing.Cassandra was never pushy and she was very much in tune with what I could handle at each session, steering me and allowing me to slowly regain my self esteem n putting pieces of my life back together again. She guided me through new perspectives in looking at issues and that has enabled me to look beyond what my narrow focus could manage at that point in time. As I looked back at what I was versus who I am now, I can only say I am thankful that I had Cassandra’s help in navigating through a really difficult time of my life and helping me get back on my feet again."

"At first I was skeptical that going to a counsellor would solve the problems in my relationship but because of the hard times we were going through I decided to give it a try. Throughout several joint sessions Cassandra gave us–in a very professional and caring way–a different mindset and view on how our partner feels and reacts and she taught us concrete techniques to deal with conflict. I can easily say that I wouldn’t be in a happy relationship now if it wasn’t for her counselling."

"Cassandra is a very intelligent listener who pays full attention to you and offers detailed advice on how to proceed forward."

"Working with Cassandra, I find that she offers practical advice, insights and new perspectives to issues, however and more importantly, they are tinged with kindness and compassion. The journey is never easy but talking them through with her can infuse one with hope, enough to make it through the week."

"Cassandra was recommended to me by my sister's friend. I was going through a bad breakup and I needed someone to help me. When I first met Cassandra, I felt comfortable and a sense of warmth, and I was able to share freely and openly. In all the sessions I had, she continues to guide me, she made me more self-aware. She has also taught me effective methods and strategies that can be used easily to cope with my stress and anxiety. All in all, I am glad that I have approached her for help."

"I am glad that we made the choice to see Cassandra. She is sharp in picking up the incongruence in thinking and the session has helped my teenage boy to better cope with his issues. For my boy to say he is comfortable to share his struggles with an outsider, Cassandra you have changed his view of counselling to a very positive one. Thank you."

"Cassandra helped me to develop life skills to better manage my negativity and depression I’m now coping better with stresses at work and in my personal life."

"Working with Cassandra over the past 4 years has been tremendously helpful in strengthening positive inner voices and internalizing useful self-help techniques I trust her and am grateful for her frankness and dependability."

"I was recommended to see Cassandra by a family member and ever since, there was no looking back.Cassandra does not spoon feed you but carefully guides you along the way to overcome your problems. She possesses the utmost patience and shows a deep care and concern towards your obstacles. I will always be indebted to her for how she has helped to turn my life around! Thank you Cassandra."

"It is tough going through a rough patch on your own. The breakdown of my marriage affected my life deeply. Cassandra was not only comforting, but combining her patience and experience, she provided me with much needed reassurances that i could move on. I felt free of judgement in her company and that made it easier for me to "let it all out". Thanks to her, I am not in a state of depression."

"Cassandra helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life. She guides with compassion, and gives good sound advice in addition to real tangible practices that I still use everyday. She has helped me to find balance and happiness when i never thought i could. Our weekly sessions has helped me grow and I am so very glad to have found her."

"I was hit with a sudden and unexpected crisis, which put me into a state of paralysis for a week. It took a lot for me to crawl out of that hole, and to try to make sense of what happened. Cassandra was a key part of that process. Through working with her, I uncovered some deep-seated and hidden issues in my early life that still, unknown to me, affect me deeply today. What I experienced began to make more sense to me, and that was really helpful. I can't say I'm 100% in the clear-to me, life is a constant struggle-but with Cassandra's help I think I now see things more clearly. And that helps, a lot, with dealing with life.."

"This experience has helped me have a better relationship with my mother. I am getting better at communicating with my classmates."

"It had been a challenging period in my life last year where I was all entangled in my own thoughts emotions logic self realization and all nothing seems to be working out right and I am losing myself till I met a new friend-Cassandra She helped me clear up much thoughts and get some clarity back in where I want to head towards. A friend in need indeed Thank you."

"I first saw Cassandra on 20 July 2017, with recommendation from my brother-in-law who had seen her previously for his set of problems.Cassandra has been really professional, thoughtful and empathetic in helping me manage my marital issues and my personal mental well-being. My sessions with her always helped me get more clarity and provided me some guidance in what my next steps should be. I encourage anyone with any set of problems to have Cassandra as their go-to person because she is that beacon of light and voice of reason when you are at your darkest and lowest point in your life. Thank you Cassandra, for making me see hope when I thought all is lost."

"She always listens to what you are saying, and then takes that information and makes suggestions on possible ways to improve. Her advice has been of tremendous help for me in my battles to overcome depression. I feel like I can win this battle."

"Cassandra is very professional and skilled. More than just listening and advising, she purposefully steers every session into techniques and options I could use in the healing process. Cassandra always involved me in working out solutions or ways of coping. My personal involvement in these decision-making modalities made a real difference in my recovery. One must work hard to change or at least adapt. I didn’t quite believe Cassandra when we talked on the phone to make my first appointment that I would feel much better and see significant results within 3-4 sessions, but it really happened. I am deeply grateful to her."

"Cassandra has been a godsend. With her patient guidance and counselling, I have gotten to know myself a little better. The sessions with Cassandra had a friendly and calm atmosphere, within a safe and cozy environment. Cassandra is patient and gives valuable advice, and she has equipped me with a toolbox filled with coping and management skills."

"I feel like I’ve found a safe place to share my struggles but most importantly actively work on them."

"Cassandra is very supporting and a great guide. She helps me put my issues into workable activities and is non-judgmental about the journey. I hope to continue to grow in my journey."

"Discussing issues that are troubling oneself is not easy. During our session, Cassandra was friendly, professional and empathetic. This made it comfortable for me to open up, which allowed both of us to discuss and explore the matters at heart.Once we identified the underlying core issue, she was there to guide me as I navigated through the darkness. She was also there to welcome me as I came out on the other side, a much stronger person than I was before. Overall, Cassandra was able to help me gain new insight in dealing with my grief. Our session was of great benefit to my mental health, and I would encourage anyone who is going through difficulties to consider reaching out to Cassandra for professional help. Also having her seeing dog keep us company during the session was a warm and welcome bonus!"

"Cassandra is a masterful counselor. Warm, kind and with a confident manner, she instantly put me at ease. I got the instinctive assurance I was in safe hands, and this was confirmed swiftly in our session."

"I really enjoyed my mentoring session with Cassandra-she was very warm, friendly and it was easy opening up to her. She has a great memory, and gives awesome advice! Indeed a gem and huge blessing to our society. Not forgetting her little cute doggy - esmay, who is so adorable."

"Despite it being the first session, a counselling session with Cassandra has already inspired me to overcome my anxiety and emotional struggles, helping me to pull through a stressful period in my life. I would definitely urge anyone to try out a session at her counselling clinic."

"I strongly recommend Cassandra she is great at helping one see through life's complications and narrow things down to what is important now rather than be stuck in an infinite regress of counterfactual. Cassandra helps you to become grounded in the moment."

"Cassandra counselled me during a dark period of my life and she helped me see perspectives I couldn’t then. I bounced back to who I was very quickly with her help and would recommend her to anyone who went through a traumatic experience and would like to recover from it."

"Sessions with Cassandra have provided a safe environment and framework to understand the deeper issues and triggers behind my depression. These have been invaluable in my personal growth, reframing perspectives and developing a more positive way of handling situations."

"I am grateful to Cassandra for not only being a great listening ear, but also an immense help in guiding me through my feelings of self-doubt. She has helped me to truly understand and compartmentalize my thoughts in a way that allows me to function optimally as both a leader and a creative. I am now able to face challenges with a more logical approach, and complete my daily tasks with greater pride and fulfillment. Thank you, Cassandra."

"Hey Cassandra, just updating you that I am moving into my new home this year and feeling good about life. Thank you for helping me along the way, your guidance have given me the confidence to move ahead."

"Thanks to Cassandra I am now able to face my fear of exams. It was something I struggled with for many years. Cassandra helped me to overcome my fear of exams for instance by teaching me breathing techniques in order to relax myself. I have managed to take advantage of her sessions and have applied the advice that she has given to other situations."

"Am a repeat client with long and difficult issues, Cassandra was ever patience and professional in her time spent with us. We are forever grateful to her."

"Cassandra puts me at ease with her demeanor and the way she helps me puts my life in perspective. For the last few years, she has provided me with a safe space to come to whenever I have met with difficulties in life and I am grateful for her support and guidance."

25 February 2023
Cassandra is very professional at her job, and very quickly created a safe and welcoming environment for me to introspect. Her honest and empathetic approach has helped me gain clarity on my inner thought process. She has also given me valuable tools for reflection/communication that have helped me beyond our sessions.
Kyla Goh
Kyla Goh
23 February 2023
Cassandra brings a presence of comfort which allows my partner and I to open up easily. After a session with her, it feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off.
Priscilla Wang
Priscilla Wang
21 February 2023
Cassandra is very patient and she checks in regularly during the session to assess whether I felt we were heading in the direction I had in mind. This really helps and I felt much lighter after just one session with her. Her solutions really helped me regulate my emotions and I would highly recommend her as a private counsellor.
Christina Gumilang
Christina Gumilang
19 February 2023
Cassandra is an inspiring therapist. Her kindness and wise words gave me confidence to hire her as my daughter's therapist. My daughter and her has developed a good therapist-patient relationship, which is important. I highly recommend Cassandra as your therapist.
Clement Kok Yong Tan
Clement Kok Yong Tan
22 July 2022
Cassandra is very professional and is very good at what she does. I certainly have learned a lot through my sessions with her and would definitely recommend her to others in need of help for their relationships/emotional well-being.
Juliana Yong
Juliana Yong
3 March 2022
Cassandra worked with me for over two years. I started going to her when experiencing a personal crisis. She was able to get through to me on the same level that I tend to process life - cognitive intellect. The emotional tools I have learned from Cassandra have resulted in continuous personal stability. If you need an empathetic therapist who is kind but firm, then she is a great choice.
Meera Mathialagan
Meera Mathialagan
15 February 2022
Having never done counseling before, I could not have asked for a better first experience. Cassandra is a kind, thoughtful, but most importantly patient counsellor. Her soft but direct approach made me feel very comfortable talking to her. She did not rush the process and asked poignant questions. Cassandra helped me realize things I knew deep down, but needed a third party to acknowledge. Her guidance has gone a long way in helping me on this journey!
Joanna Lim
Joanna Lim
17 January 2022
Cassandra has been especially professional and gives constructive guidance. She is unbiased and kind. I am thankful to have met her and is actively using the techniques she has shared with me. Would definitely recommend her to people who needs fresh perspectives in aspects of their life. Thank you!

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