Tele Consultation for Counselling and Coaching

Helping individuals & couples access the help needed through technology.

When Tele Consultations is even more beneficial:

Considering the uncertain nature of the COVID-19 disease combined with the growing number of cases, and the heightened safe-distancing measures, I’ll like to do my part to minimize the risk of exposure, and bring attention to the Tele consultations (online therapy) that I have been offering alongside traditional in-person sessions for counselling and coaching. It is important that we all take a proactive approach to minimize exposure as best we can.

Benefits Of Tele Consultations

Switching over from traditional in-person therapy to online therapy may sound strange, but research has shown that Teletherapy can be just as effective an in-office appointment. Plus, this option allows us to start or continue your care plan right away.

Teleconsults alleviates the inconvenience of travel time and associated costs. Even if we were not experiencing heightened feelings of stress and anxiety because of COVID-19, traveling to and from our office for appointments can be less than relaxing. Things like, traffic, construction, finding parking, etc. can all make even short commutes frustrating. Online therapy appointments eliminate all the inconveniences of travel.

It further allows you to fit consultations more conveniently into your busy calendar. Some of my clients reported feeling more comfortable having therapy or coaching from their office or home as they can immediately resume their other commitments after the session.

The benefits of Telecounselling are supported by research. Research has found that video therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

Most major insurance companies cover Telecounselling. To pursue this option, contact your insurer to check if your plan is eligible for coverage.

Equipment Or Software

Teleconsultations for counselling or coaching requires no special software or technical knowledge. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an integrated camera and speaker/microphone. A pair of Bluetooth or wired earpiece will also help you hear and be heard better.

With the stressors brought on by worries / fears from COVID-19 and spending an extended amount of time isolated from friends and family, it is very normal to be feeling a little Anxious or Depressed. It is even more important now to take care of your mental health.

If you are feeling like you cannot cope on your own anymore, or know of someone in emotional /psychological distress,  contact us today to schedule your Tele consult for counselling or coaching.

We are here to help, so please reach out to us any time with your questions or for any assistance.